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The Troop Support Services Unit (TS2) is an adaptation of the National Legion program and was created by the Cambria American Legion Post 432 in 2005 to support our local soldiers and their families. Click [HERE] and search on "troop suport services" to see a full description of the TS2 program at the National Legion website.

Our Cambria-Cayucos-San Simeon Active Duty Soldiers


As the war on terrorism continues, we have activated a special unit to respond to the needs of military families whose loved ones are serving in the military. Post 432 has always reached out to our new veterans and their families, but the establishment of this special TS2 (Troop Support Services) Team gives us the ability to respond quickly to the kinds of family emergencies that pop up without warning. TS2 is ready around the clock to take a call from a family member, evaluate the nature of the request, determine the fix and activate the resources to get the job done.

The TS2 project reaches out to not only our troops but also to their spouses, children and parents on a regular basis. We will be there, not only in their time of need, but to also be proactive and render assistance throughout the year. Our goal is to build a bridge between the community and the soldiers. We want our troops to know that we appreciate the sacrifices they are making on our behalf, instill in them that the citizens of Cambria are continually thinking of them and that we will be at their side when called upon. As veterans, Legionnaires have been there ourselves and our families have gone through the same kind of trauma. Our veterans were there for us - now it's our turn to be there for today's men and women going in harm's way for our behalf. Emergency needs could include such mundane help as lawn cutting or fixing a leaky faucet to more serious needs including money to pay rent, getting an automobile running again or to assist a military member in getting home if both time and money are short.

Supportive E-mail messages will be forwarded to our military personnel by sending them to our e-mail address of . Notes and cards will also be forwarded to any of our soldiers if you send them in care of the Post's post office box.


Since 2005 the Troop Support Services (TS2) program of Post 432 has spent almost $100,000 to support the military families of Cambria, Cayucos, and San Simeon by providing:
•  23 welcome home banners posted over the Vets Hall.
•  32 dinner gift certificates awarded from 17 local restaurants.
•  Challenge coins awarded for each returning service member.
•  Over 90 local service members posted on the Main Street TS2 board.
•  Membership to the American Legion.
•  Operation Holiday Package has shipped over 1,000 individual boxes, 59 large containers, and hundreds of personal envelopes.
•  Cambria Girl Scout cookies and 4-H Beef Jerky for those in combat areas.
•  Plane tickets and gas cards as needed.
•  Payment of medical, utility, and food bills for family relief.
•  Lodging and home construction during emergency.
•  Wedding and baby shower gifts and holiday presents to younger siblings.
•  Annual Troop Support Services dinner for all military families.
•  Laptops, Skype connections, and other communication devises for families.

Until they all come home TS2 will be at their side.


All donations will be placed in a special fund, earmarked explicitly for the TS2 program. Checks made out to "American Legion Post 432" need only to have "TS2" written in the memo section and mailed to American Legion Post 432, POB 697, Cambria 93428-0697. Anyone having any questions about the program may contact David Pierson, the TS2 Team Services coordinator at (805) 203-5628 or by E-mail at

If you go to, you can pick out a thank you card ans Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed forces.

Here are links to three websites that can benefit our troops: enables you to buy coffee for troops in IRAQ or Afganistan - by base by soldier or anonymously. enables injured service members to create their own free website and communicate with family and friends. will have local Auxiliary Units personally visit and monitor progress of wounded service members at Walter Reed.






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